Cheer Comfort is a small family based business in Las Vegas USA.

We specialized in creating leg positioner pillows using the highest quality memory foam and raw materials.

  • Our foam pillow TAKES the PRESSURE OFF YOUR KNEES and LOWER BACK. This side sleeper pillow works great between legs in multiple positions. Regular use of our knee pillow for side sleepers contributes to BETTER POSTURE. Our bed wedge pillow provides BETTER SLEEP! Medical doctors recommend hip pillows for sleeping.

  • The best pillow among BACK PAIN RELIEF products. MAXIMUM SCIATICA JOINT & HIP PAIN RELIEF OR GET A FULL REFUND. If you’re waking up with sore joints, aching hips and sciatica pain, hip pillows can be ideal solutions. How much better it would feel to start your morning without pain?

  • Side sleeping provides more nutrients for the baby in pregnancy. This leg wedge pillow is great for pregnancy pain relief, for sciatic pain relief pregnancy, for PREGNANT WOMEN! Further health benefits: PRE and POST SURGERY healing, recovery. This memory foam contour pillow, cushion is a lifestyle choice to manage stress.

  • This lower back pain relief, DECORATIVE leg wedge is designed and created by SPECIALISTS with dedication and care from 100% HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS. EASY TO CLEAN, REMOVABLE COVER: You can wash the cover of this sciatica pain relief pregnancy pillow in your washing machine to purge away all of the germs.

  • Our contour pillow is a PERFECT GIFT IDEA! This luxurious knee pillow makes a great gift for family members, friends, pregnancy and anyone who recovers from surgery or suffers from the lower back pain, hip pain, sciatica pain. Our leg wedge pillow is perfect for side sleepers for relaxing sleep.

Memory Foam Knee Pillows by Cheer Comfort, Orthopedic Wedge Contour Leg Support for Side Sleepers, Leg positioner pillows for Pregnant Women, Pain Relief in Sciatica, Arthritis, Back, Legs, Hip and Joint Pain

Cheer Comfor knee pillows are leg positioner pillows for pregnant women and they are also very useful in pain relief

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